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Why Families Choose Merri-Loo

"I am so happy that I chose Merri-Loo for my daughters Pre-K program! She comes home everyday excited to show me all the projects she makes. Letters, numbers, crafts and fun! It seems like they are always doing something in class. There is a lot of value to the way the program is set up and the balance between learning and play. The teachers go above and beyond and really love their students. The community aspect of the program and level of encouragement to get parents involved and helping is just incredible. Merri-Loos is such a valuable asset to the Goffstown community. Thank you for all you do!"

-Alica J

"Merri Loo has done wonders for my children! All 3 of my children have attended Merri Loo since 2018. Their hands on learning curriculum is what I admire most about their academics, the smaller classroom setting allows that one on one time with students, and I have the opportunity to participate in my child’s classroom! Doing so allows me to see their social skills at the fullest potential, along with doing activities with them and their classmates. The hours are perfect to transition my Little’s from stay at home children to participating in a classroom environment. I entrusted Heidi and Karyn to educate, guide, and love each and every one of my children, and with that, my kids look forward to going to school every morning. Thank you Merri Loo for showing my children what education is truly like!" 🤍

-Samantha D.

"We picked Merri because we loved the classroom setting and the number of students in the class is small. The teachers are great and our daughter loves her teachers. We liked the fact that we are included in our daughters education and she has made such great gains and friendships. The communication from the teachers is great as well."

-Carol B.

"We love Merri-Loo! We have two kids who have gone to Merri-Loo and we always recommend this special little preschool to those that are looking. The classes are small, which we love. The kids get lots of individual attention and the teachers are really tuned in to their specific needs. We appreciate the play-based model and have been very impressed by how much the kids developed while at Merri-Loo. This is a little school full of love!"


"My family loves Merri-loo Community Preschool. The teachers do a wonderful job creating a fun and safe learning environment! They do lots of crafts and activities with the kids. I highly recommend this preschool!"

-Brieanna M.

 "I loved having both of my children go through Merri Loo. The teachers are loving and kind while also helping the students grow and develop. You become part of a family at Merri Loo and that was my favorite part."

- Nolan's Mom

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